Monday, April 15, 2019

Features of Joshua Tree National Park

Nature enthusiast Brian Borg spends much of his time with his family enjoying the outdoors near their home in San Diego. Brian Borg is a frequent visitor to several parks in and around San Diego, including Joshua Tree National Park.

Located at the junction of the Colorado and Mojave deserts, Joshua Tree National Park offers visitors a unique landscape dotted with an unusual array of desert plants and animals. One species at the center of the park’s ecosystem is its namesake, the Joshua Tree. 

Joshua trees are in the same family as orchids and grasses and are known for their bare, spindling branches topped by a tuft of durable leaves and flower buds. Joshua trees thrive in the park’s arid climate. 

The park's landscape also contains formations of wind-shaped boulders and shrub-like cacti. Inspired by the otherworldly scenery, several artists and architects have constructed unique buildings and art structures throughout Joshua Tree National Park.